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We are all painfully aware of the health care and economic crises that our community and our country are experiencing. Many of us can no longer afford insurance, and if so, the deductibles are often so high that it is useless for anything other than catastrophic care. Co-pays and premiums are increasing, and coverage is worsening, especially for “alternative” care like chiropractic.

I feel chiropractic care is important to our overall health, not just for relief of acute pain, and I’m trying to make it more affordable for everyone. I’m tired of insurance companies dictating what we can and cannot do, what physicians you can and cannot see. I’m tired of patients who discontinue care, even though they’re getting better, because their insurance coverage has been maxed out.

And to back up my faith in the benefits of chiropractic I am offering this guarantee. I can’t guarantee results, but I can guarantee your satisfaction. If at any time within the first 3 appointments, you are not delighted with your decision to come to this office, we will refund you in full and make other health care recommendations for you. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily “be cured” in 3 visits, but that you will be happy with your decision to see us.

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from DC Anderson.

John F.- Medford, OR